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Ashburnham-Westminster Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)

 The Ashburnham-Westminster Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is a volunteer group of parents and
caregivers of students with disabilities that:
  1. Supports you and your child(ren) when you have questions and concerns
  2. Helps you navigate evaluations, services, and accommodations
  3. Communicates with the school district on concerns, questions, and programs
  4. Provides information on relevant special education topics to parents/caregivers and educators
  5. Exists as an advisory group according to state law [Chapter 71B] and regulation [603 CMR 28:07 (4)]
What are the benefits of becoming an active SEPAC member?
  • Gain insight, knowledge, and strength from one another
  • Work together to find solutions to concerns, challenges, and injustices
  • Make a difference in the quality of our children’s education, social life, and well-being
  • Join at any time
How can you participate?
  • Attend SEPAC workshops, board meetings, and parent/caregiver chats
  • Become a SEPAC leader and/or volunteer
  • Contact SEPAC’s co-chairs with questions or concerns at any time
  • Follow SEPAC’s Facebook page and/or visit SEPAC’s website
Current SEPAC Leadership 
Volunteer Opportunities
  • Planning workshops
  • Assisting other parents
  • Staffing tables at local school and community events
  • Planning new activities or projects
  • Publicity activities
SEPAC Flyer / Handout