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School Choice

At the February 29, 2024 School Committee Meeting the AWRSD School Committee approved 25 school choice slots for Oakmont Regional High School in grades 9-12.  There were no school choice slots approved for grades K-8.
The first school choice lottery will be held April 12, 2024 and acceptance letters will be sent out soon after.
Applications for School Choice can be submitted via the registration portal (select Oakmont Regional High School-School Choice, School Year 24-25):
Additional School Choice Information
  • Although we accept students under school choice, the number of slots per grade level varies on a yearly basis. We try to treat all requests equitably and cannot make any commitments until the school committee determines how many slots, if any, are available at each grade level.
  • There is no cost to you for sending your child to our district.
  • Applications are not based on a first-come first-serve basis. If there are slots available and there are more students looking to get in than there are seats available it then becomes a lottery.
  • Once a child is accepted into the District under school choice he/she may continue to attend school until they graduate.
  • If you have a child already enrolled in the District under school choice, his/her sibling shall receive priority for admission if there are school choice slots available.
  • Applications are not discriminated against on the basis of physical handicap or special needs.
  • Parents are encouraged to have a back-up plan if their child is NOT accepted.
  • Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 76, Section 12B (j) permits public schools to establish terms for accepting nonresident choice students.
  • Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 71, Section 37L; Chapter 71, Section 37H (e); permits public schools to review the student’s complete school record.