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Human Resources
Stacey Christiano, Director of Human Resources
Kimberly Gauvin, Payroll & Benefits Manager
Superintendent's Office, 11 Oakmont Drive, Ashburnham, MA 01430
(978) 827-1434 or Fax (978) 827-5969
New Employee Packets
Please download and print out the appropriate forms packet below and bring it with you to the Superintendents Office. Please fill out as much information as possible before your scheduled appointment. Generally, substitutes and coaches do not need appointment, but need all forms in packet completed along with two forms of ID.  Fingerprinting and CORI must be completed prior to employment. If any forms are incomplete it may delay processing of your payroll.
Fingerprinting Requirements
Statewide Applicant Fingerprint Identification Services (SAFIS) Program
Massachusetts law now requires fingerprint-based criminal history record checks for most individuals involved with Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) licensed, approved, or funded programs. EEC, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) and the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS) have partnered with MorphoTrust USA to implement the Statewide Applicant Fingerprint Identification Services (SAFIS) Program and are working to provide convenient applicant fingerprinting enrollment centers throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. NOTE: This Registration Guide is intended to provide guidance to individuals who are licensed or employed by EEC, or seek licensing or employment with an EEC-licensed family, small or large group/school-age child care provider, residential care program or adoption/foster care placement agency, as well as in-home non-relative caregivers, adoptive or foster parents and their household members, and individuals who provide transportation services on behalf of any EEC-licensed or funded program. If you work for a Pre-K program run by a public or private K-12 school, please consult the ESE registration instructions for Pre-K-12th Grade Education entities.
Overview of the Fingerprinting Process
The following is an overview of the SAFIS fingerprinting process: 
  • An applicant/employee registers for a fingerprinting appointment via either the MorphoTrust USA IdentoGo™ registration website or the MorphoTrust Massachusetts Customer Service (telephone) Center at (866) 349-8130; 
  • Provide your Ashburnham-Westminster Regional School District Code: 06100000
  • An applicant/employee goes to a MorphoTrust USA IdentoGo™ enrollment center on the date and time selected by him/her and has his/her fingerprints taken;
  • Individuals will pay a fee to comply with this requirement of $35.00 for non-licensed employees and $55.00 for DESE Licensed Professionals (including those with pending applications/licenses).
  • You will be provided with a fingerprint receipt. A copy of this receipt must be returned to the Superintendent's Office as a confirmation that the fingerprints were captured.
  • The applicant’s/employee’s fingerprints are sent electronically to the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) for a statewide criminal history record check and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for a nationwide criminal record check; 
  • The results of both the State and National fingerprint-based criminal history record checks are returned to the MSP 
If you have any further questions, please feel free to Stacey Christiano, Director of Human Resources at (978) 827-1434 x123 or email at
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