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English Language Services

Welcome to Our English Language Learner Page!
The English Language Learner (EL) Program supports the mission of the Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District to prepare all students to be contributing citizens of local and global societies in an ever-changing world. Our English Language Learners (ELs) and their families are supported both culturally and linguistically through the diligent care of our certified ESL Teachers. ELs are provided with systematic, explicit and sustained English language development and meaningful participation in the district’s general education program.

ESL Teachers

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District-Family Communications

Home Language Survey

The Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District administers a home language survey (HLS) to all new students enrolling in Pre-K through grade 12. The purpose of the HLS is to identify if the student has been exposed to a language other than English in their home and should be assessed for English language proficiency to determine whether or not the student qualifies for ESL instruction / an ELE program.

English Learning Success Template

The Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District has developed the English Learning Success Template (ELST) to assist in helping ELs receive the planning and support they need to make progress. The template identifies the steps that are taken to help students meet their goals and benchmarks in attaining English proficiency. 


Resources for Families


Handout for Parents and Guardians of English Language Learners


Language Routines for Multilingual Families 


Learning Language Every Day: Activities for Families (WIDA)

English - Spanish - Chinese - Arabic


Remote Learning Guidance for Families of English Learners


http://www.colorincolorado.org/families This site has a lot of information on how to help your child in school as well as how to do well in your community.


http://www.mamalisa.com/?t=hubsh This site contains children's songs from around the world. Use it to learn rhymes in your language and English.


http://en.childrenslibrary.org/ This site contains children's books from around the world. These books have been scanned into the computer and can be read in a variety of languages.


http://wonderopolis.org/ This site asks a question, a "wonder", each day and then provides information as well as an activity to explore this question. What a great way to connect with your child and what they are learning in school!