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Policy Subcommittee Charter
The Policy Subcommittee of The Ashburnham-Westminster School Regional District is charged with the following tasks:
  • To review existing district policies and make recommendations to the full committee for adoption, amendment, review, or other further action. The subcommittee will develop a review schedule that ensures all policies remain current and relevant.
  • To discuss immediate issues of concern regarding district policies or the need to implement district policies and pass conclusions, findings, and recommendations regarding such matters to the full committee for discussion and action, if any. Proposals for new policies or revisions to existing policies that originate from district administration or outside sources will be referred by vote of the full committee to the subcommittee for review and recommendation to the full committee for adoption, rejection or further action in accordance with AWRSD Policy BGB, Policy Adoption.
  • To ensure that copies of all policy adoptions, revisions or rescissions are transmitted in a timely manner to the Superintendent for insertion into or removal from the official copy of the Policy Manual. The subcommittee will coordinate with, and assist, the Superintendent in ensuring all copies of the Policy Manual, including the copy published on the district web site, are updated at appropriate intervals.
The Policy Subcommittee does not have any authority to adopt, alter, amend or rescind any district policy. This authority is exclusively reserved to the full committee.
Note: New policy adoptions or old policy rescissions that have cross references or citations to existing AWRSD policies require that those corresponding AWRSD policies have the appropriate modification made to their respective cross references or citations. Such alteration is considered administrative housekeeping and is not subject to the full committee approval requirement.

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