Overlook PTO

PTO Meeting Dates: 
Sep 14th @ 6 pm
Oct  12th @ 3:30 pm
Nov    9th @ 6 pm
Dec  14th @  3:30 pm
Jan   11th @ 6 pm
Feb    8th @ 3:30 pm
Mar    8th @ 6 pm
Apr   12th @ 3:30 pm
May  10th @ 6 pm
Jun   14th @ 3:30 pm
OMS Fundraiser!  This year we will be doing a 3-part fundraiser!  The ever popular Butter Braids, Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough & Lyman Orchards Crisp; Yankee Candle and Mixed Bags!!  
President: Michelle Phyfe
Vice President: Liz Rollo
Treasurer: Katie Greenwood
Secretary: Melissa L'Ecuyer
As the board begins to gain momentum this year, please refer back to this page for meeting notes, volunteer opportunities, fundraising information, etc. 
The board looks forward to serving the teachers, parents and students of Overlook Middle School this school year!