Budget and Finance Subcommittee


The quantity and quality of learning programs are directly dependent on the effective, efficient management of allocated funds. It follows that achievement of the District’s purposes can best be achieved through excellent fiscal management. 

As trustee of local, state, and federal funds allocated for use in public education, the committee will fulfill its responsibility to see that these funds are used wisely for achievement of the purposes to which they are allocated.

Because of resource limitations, there is sometimes a temptation to operate so that fiscal concerns overshadow the educational program. Recognizing this, it is essential that the District take specific action to make sure education remains central and that fiscal matters are ancillary and contribute to the educational program. This concept will be incorporated into committee operations and into all aspects of District management and operation.  -"DA: Fiscal Management Goals"


FY20 Budget

The FY20 budget was presented to School Committee on Tuesday, February 13, 2019.

The handouts and presentation from this meeting can be found below under "Files and Downloads".


Subcommittee Members

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