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Ashburnham and Westminster are located in North Worcester County, approximately 50 miles northwest of Boston, along the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border. Each town was incorporated over 200 years ago. Both towns are growing with a combined population exceeding 13,500 residents and a K-12 student enrollment of over 2,400.  The communities economic bases have been strengthened by recent local development in high technology, manufacturing, and recreation. Although the character of the communities remains rural/residential, the improving economic environment has made it possible to expand and enhance services to the towns' citizens.  The educational, cultural and recreational resources of the area are excellent. Both communities have easy access to Worcester and Boston, Massachusetts and Keene, New Hampshire.

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Mission Statement:

The Ashburnham-Westminster Regional School District prepares all students to be contributing citizens of local and global societies in an ever-changing world.

Vision Statement:

At the Ashburnham-Westminster Regional School District, we focus on doing what is best for students to meet their academic and social-emotional needs to thrive in a global society through:

  • academically challenging curriculum;
  • community and civic engagement;
  • continuous, responsible use of all resources and evolving technology;
  • high quality, ongoing, focused professional development for staff;
  • real world applications;
  • reflection for continuous improvement;
  • research based and data driven instructional practices;
  • resilient, solution-based mindsets; and
  • student input and ownership.

Core Values:

  • Equity: Student equity means that all students have equal access to quality staff, courses, activities, services, and resources based on their individual needs.
  • Excellence: Student excellence is a balance of rigorous academic, social, and career-readiness skills.
  • Community: Community engagement is proactive involvement of stakeholders in school district priorities and partnerships.

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